3rd-5th Grade Spring Program
April 20, 2010

Hand Chime Choir
"Lord of Wonder"
"Symphonic Fanfare"

Reagan's solo
"All Through the Night"

Natalie & Faith's duet
"I Will Follow"

Logan's solo
"All Creatures of Our God and King"

3rd Grade Choir
"Festival Alleluia"
"Do You Know My Shepherd's Voice?"

Taylor's solo
"Sally Gardens"

Hannah & Jana's duet
"In Christ Alone"

Rebekah's solo
"How Can I Keep from Singing?"

4th Grade Choir
"Let Us Walk in the Light of the Lord"
"Children of Light"

Giavanna's solo
"I Will Follow You"

Madison's solo
"Cross the Wide Missouri"

Elise's solo
"If You Believe"

5th Grade Choir
"The Lord is my Light"

5th Grade Choir
"Where Shall I Go From Your Spirit?"

Combined Choirs
"The Walls Came Tumbalin' Down"